As an experienced freelancer, I’m used to working on a wide variety of projects and tailoring my practices to fit in with my clients’ needs.

That said, I have proven ways of working that have served me well over the years. You can find out more below but if you still have questions, let’s chat! I’m a friendly, reasonable person and always open to finding solutions.

Work/life balance

My standard working hours are 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday. I respond to emails and calls during this time. Though I’ll put in the extra project hours when it’s essential, this is the exception rather than the norm, I cherish my evenings and weekends as much as you do! I mostly work from home, but do enjoy visits to local offices and have my own equipment.


Every project is different and as such the price and method of payment will vary. I charge based on my years of experience and the quality of the work I create. For reference, my standard day rate is £300 and my hourly rate is £45. I work with individuals, small and large businesses and am always open to discussing your budget needs, so please do get in touch!


My favourite projects line up with my values and challenge me to create meaningful, beautiful work with the potential to make a positive difference in the world, however small. I love nature and endeavour to make sustainable choices in my daily life, for my clients and customers of my store. I make time for family, friends and creativity to ensure I stay happy and inspired.

Let’s discuss your project.

Friends & Collaborators

I’m lucky to have a community of brilliant, talented and lovely people who inspire me with their work and help me grow my own. If i’m not available for your project, I might know someone who is – so get in touch! Here are a few fantastic friends and sources of inspiration: