Hello! I’m Alice aka Owlstation, a freelance designer and illustrator working primarily in the UK games industry. 

I’m passionate about making awesome things and have over 10 years of experience creating award winning visuals for games, web and print.

I began my career in Indie studio Littleloud, which gave me a real world education in the professional skills and standards required for high quality digital projects. I went freelance in 2013 and have since gained a wealth of experience from my fantastic clients including the BBC, Absolut, Cartoon Network and Imperial College London. 

My varied skill set includes UI and UX design, digital and traditional illustration, 2D animation, character and environment design to name a few. Please do check out my services below to find out what I can do for you.

What I Do

Full Creative Service: UX, UI and Visual Design

Whether designing for Games, Apps or Web, I can cater for every creative step of your interactive project. From the beginning I will support you in developing your concept and translating it into a solid user experience and complete set of wireframes. I can provide creative direction and work in a variety of design styles to bring striking UI, unique environment art and bold character design to your project. I will work closely with your team to implement, test and polish your experience to award winning standards.

KEY SKILLS:    UI and UX Design, Character and Environment Design, Illustration (digital and traditional), Logo and Brand Design, 2D Animation, Video Editing, Typography and Lettering

SOFTWARE:    Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, In Design, Animate, Figma, Unity Basics

Animation and Video Editing Service

I can create simple but effective 2D animation for your project. From app store trailers and animated infographics to traditional character animation and motion design. I can add that extra bit of polish that will bring your product to life. I can work with your existing assets or work with you to create new designs that will be animation ready. I use Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Animate but also work on paper to create storyboards, assets and most recently traditional Frame by Frame animation.

KEY SKILLS:    Storyboarding, Animated assets for games, Animated trailers, Interaction design for UI

SOFTWARE:    Adobe After Effects, Animate, Premiere and Character Animator

Illustration Service: Artwork, Branding & Creative Direction

I create hand drawn and digital illustrations for a wide variety of creative, commercial projects. I have provided creative direction, created characters, concept art and assets for games and animations. I’ve crafted unique logos for small businesses and branding design for media industry professionals. My print ready art and design work has been used for products, books and tour posters. I work in a range of traditional mediums but also in Photoshop and Illustrator for projects with a digital output. I also love to draw from life and create reportage sketches on location.

KEY SKILLS:  Drawing, Hand Lettering, Typography, Logo and Brand Design, Print Design, Character and Concept Art

SOFTWARE:  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate

Pick and Mix Service: Trusted, Multiskilled Creative

I am a trusted, friendly freelancer with 10+ years of experience, primarily in the games industry. Choose which of my abilities you need for your project and how long you need me for. I sit comfortably across a diverse range of creative skills (check out my services above) and can easily integrate into smaller or larger teams to help plug gaps in your workforce. I am UK based, typically working remotely, though on site is possible through enquiry. I am professional, a great communicator and always strive to bring extra value to every project. Let’s discuss what I can create for you.

ADDITIONAL SKILLS:    Innovative Ideas, Prototypes, Pitch and Presentation work, R&D, Moodboards, Artworking, Basic Audio Editing, Prop Making, Writing

PERSONAL SKILLS: Clear communicator, Independent or team worker, Reliable and friendly!

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Awards that my projects have won:

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