A Witch’s Garden

Is a self initiated 2D game project that I began in order to help myself learn the basics of Unity. In the game, you must navigate a skeletal hand around an ethereal garden to collect sacred symbols and break the Witch’s spell.

For: Personal work

Skills: Basic Unity, UI Design, Illustration, Logo Design

Though I have used Unity before when implementing my designs for client projects, I had never attempted to build something myself. As I’m also very interested in learning to create for VR, constructing a simple 2D game felt like a good place for me to get some grounding. Following Unity’s tutorials for non programmers, I was able to devise a simple object collection game. I designed and built a menu screen, instructions for play, game environment, collectable sacred symbols, plant based enemies and a results screen.

How to play screen for 2D illustrative game A Witch's Garden by Owlstation
Skeletal hand illustration experiments for A Witch's Garden by Owlstation

I designed a logo and built an atmospheric menu screen in which the garden’s evil plant life eerily float and collide in the background.

Logo design sketch for A Witch's Garden by Owlstation 2022

I’m very inspired by indie game makers such as Simogo and State of Play who build incredible, atmospheric experiences that stay with you long after playing. A Witch’s Garden was a great opportunity for me to explore this kind of world building on a smaller scale. Though I’ve had to pause this project for now, I’d love to develop this and other game concepts in the future, and to continue to grow my Unity skills towards VR projects.

Unity screenshot of A Witch's Garden by Owlstation 2022